Learning to build a plus-size wardrobe doesn’t have to be awful.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

So, you gained some weight because of the global pandemic (me too!), because you stopped doing fad diets (congrats!), or just because bodies change (no biggie!). Your measurements have changed, and your clothing doesn’t fit you anymore. Worse, you can’t shop at the same stores you used to because they don’t carry inclusive sizing, or you just don’t feel comfortable. That’s okay! Your body’s growth doesn’t have to ring the death knell for your personal style.

I made the shift from straight-size to plus-size in college. I’d always been on the higher end of exclusive sizing before that, so I…

Sophie Ross

Body-positive fashion and food writer. Follow along to learn more about loving your body, what goes on it, and what goes in it.

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